Personal data owners, who are defined as “data subject” (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”) within the Law on the Protection of Personal Data no. 6698 (the “Law”) are entitled to make certain Requests regarding the processing of their personal data according to Article 11 of the Law. In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 13 of the Law, applications to be made to Endeavor (Etkin Girişimci Destekleme) Derneği (hereinafter referred to as “Data Controller”), acting in its capacity as data controller, concerning these rights shall be made in writing or by any other means determined by Personal Data Protection Board (“Board”).

Within this context, all applications to be made to the Data Controller shall be communicated to us “in writing” by using this form to be delivered to the Data Controller;

  • Via Personal delivery of the Applicant,
  • Through a notary public,
  • By means of signed by the Applicant with the “secure electronic signature” defined in the Law on Electronic Signature no. 5070 and sent to the registered e-mail address of the Data Controller, is forwarded to us by printing-out herein form.

The following information contains explanations on how to communicate the written applications to the Data Controller through the written application channels.

Application Channels Address for Applications Information to be mentioned over the course of Application Submission
Personal Application (By personal delivery of Applicant with a document proving his/her identity.) ……………… Applicants shall write “Information Request within the scope of Law on the Protection of Personal Data” on the envelope.
Notification via notary public ……………. Applicants shall write “Information Request within the scope of Law on the Protection of Personal Data” on the notification envelope.
Application with e-mail address (using the e-mail address previously notified to the data controller by the data subject and registered in the data controller’s system) or through a software or application developed for the purpose of application  


Applicants shall put “Information Request within the scope of Law on the Protection of Personal Data” on the subject of the e-mail.
Application with Secure

Electronic Signature [“SES”]

[Application through

Registered Electronic Mail

(“REM”) signed with SES]


…@… kep

Applicants shall put

“Information Request within

the scope of Law on the

Protection of Personal Data”

on the subject of the e-mail.

In addition, following the announcement of the other channels to be determined by the Board, the Data Controller will announce how the applications will be received through these channels.

Applications that has been submitted to the Data Controller will be replied within the thirty days from the date on which the application was received by the Data Controller. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Board will be charged by the Data Controller. In accordance with Article 13 of the Law, respond to your request will be sent to you in writing or electronically.

A. Applicant’s Identity and Contact Information

Name and Surname:
Turkish Republic Idenfication Number:
Phone Number:
E-mail Address:


B. Please select your relationship with the Data Controller from the options below.

(Customer, Business Partner, Employee Candidate, Former Employee, Third Party Employee, Shareholder etc.)

Customer Present Employee

I made a Job Application/ Shared Curriculum Vitae

Date of the Job Application:

Former Employee

Employment Dates:

From:  …./…./..… To: …./…./..….


Third Party Firm Employee

Please indicate the information of firm and position you worked

Please indicate the unit you are in contact with:

Subject of the Request:


C. Please mark your request (s) under article 11 of the Law:

    1. want to know whether my personal data / data has been processed.
    2. If my personal data has been processed, I request information on them.
    3. I want to know the purpose of processing my personal data and whether they are used for their intended purpose.
    4. I want to know the third parties that my personal data have been transferred domestically or abroad.
    5. I want my personal data to be corrected due to incomplete or incorrect processing (explanation: ………………….)
    6. I want my personal data to be deleted or destroyed within the scope of article 7
    7. I want to request to third parties whom transferred my personal to be notified of the transactions made pursuant to the d and e options.
    8. I would like to object because of the emergence of a result against myself by analyzing my processed data exclusively through automated systems.
    9. I request the compensation of the damages we have incurred due to the illegal processing of my personal data (explanation: ………………….)

D. Please select the channel you want to be notified by the Data Controller regarding the response to your application:

    1. I want the response to be sent to my address
    2. I want the response to be sent via e-mail
      (If you choose the e-mail channel, we will be able to respond to you faster.)
    3. I want to receive it in person
      (In case of submission of request by proxy, it is required to have a notarized power of attorney or certificate of authority.)

This application form was drafted to respond to your application within legal period in a correct manner by identifying the relationship between you and the Data Controller and, if any, detecting any of your personal data processed by the Data Controller. The Data Controller reserves the right to request additional documents and information (copy of the identity card or driver’s license) for identification and authorization purposes to eliminate legal risks that may arise from data sharing in an illegal and unlawful manner, and particularly, to ensure the security of your personal data. In the event that the information submitted within the application form is not accurate or up-to-date or the request is made by an unauthorized third party, the Data Controller declines responsibility for any claim that may arise in consequence of such incorrect information or unauthorized application.

Applicant’s (Personal Data Owner) Name and Surname:

Date of application: